How can get a job in Qatar?

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There are so many ways to finding a job in your desired location. As you asked for Qatar only and I am also working here as of now, so I can tell you about here.

Below are the ways I also tried to find the job here in Qatar:

Reference: If you have any of your relative/friends already working in Qatar, you can ask for a reference. I tried this for more than 5 years before came here but could not find one because none of relative/friend working in-office job. They all working in labor work.

I have seen here that if a company having a job opening, they ask first to their staff if they have any suitable candidate. By this, they can save the advertisement and consultancy fees. Of course, they will hire after interviews and based on your experience and knowledge for the job.

Job Portals: You can create your resume on famous Job portals. I got my job because of this one. A genuine company will not charge anything to hire you. Generally, the company spends on visa and travel expenses.

Before approaching to the consultancy company, they try to find the candidate through job portals. You are creating your attractive resume mentioning your desired job profiles and work experience in detail. If a company finds you suitable for the job, they will contact you directly. Advice: If any company contacts you, before accepting a job offer I will advise you to check online for the authenticity of the company. I hope you are aware of scams related to fake jobs.

Plan a Visit to Qatar: Now Indians can travel to Qatar without Visa for 30 days and it can be extended for another 30 days.

If you can spend some money, you can plan your visit to Qatar. You can visit companies and drop your Resume. If you are lucky and have a good profile, they can take an interview same time and maybe you can get a job immediately.

There are 03 effective ways for a person to get a job in Qatar. The last 02 are the ones I went through.

  • Recruitment Agencies – They require recruitment/document processing fees/placement fees. Make sure they are not a bogus agent and legally registered at your country’s Ministry of Overseas Labour Dept. , something like that.
  • Referral – I got my first job in Doha, Qatar through a referral. An old friend referred me to her Sponsor. That time I worked for a Civil Subcontracting Company which manufactured Precast/Prefab and Hollow core products.
  • Online Application – For my second/current job in Qatar, I submitted countless numbers of my CV to hundreds of companies on their websites. Only 04–05 companies responded to me. There is truly a very small chance that Companies will respond and give a job offer to an online applicant coz they prefer their applicants to be locally available. My Sponsor is a Civil/Main Contracting Company (Building & Infra).
  • Before agreeing to an offer, try to investigate first the Company by calling/checking the nature and legitimacy of its business, the condition of their employees and if they have a bad record (blacklisted employer/sponsor) in your country (Overseas Labour Dept.). Negotiate with the Company regarding your salary, benefits and the legal terms of your employment/contract.

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