What are the biggest mistakes made when visiting Qatar?

Don't Do This Mistakes In Qatar

What are the biggest mistakes made when visiting Qatar? कतर जाते समय सबसे बड़ी गलतियां क्या हैं?

visiting Qatar I can list a few precautions to be taken by tourists And Visiters And New Job Holders, to avoid confrontations with local authorities.

Don't Do This Mistakes In Qatar
Don’t Do This Mistakes In Qatar

Always carry at least copies of your passport and visa Xerox Copy. हमेशा अपने पासपोर्ट और वीज़ा ज़ेरॉक्स कॉपी की कम से कम प्रतियां ले जाएं

Do not take pictures of locals /Qataris, Men or women, without permission. बिना अनुमति के स्थानीय लोगों / कतरियों, पुरुषों या महिलाओं की तस्वीरें न लें।

Affection with your partner in Public places Do not show, especially in malls, beaches, movie theaters, etc. सार्वजनिक स्थानों पर अपने साथी के साथ स्नेह प्रदर्शित न करें, विशेष रूप से मॉल, समुद्र तट, मूवी थिएटर आदि में।

Dress modestly, at least covering the knees. You will find many women wearing shorts etc, but it is not appreciated and may land a tourist in trouble. कम से कम घुटनों को ढंकते हुए कपड़े पहनें। आपने कई महिलाओं को शॉर्ट्स आदि पहने हुए देखा होगा, लेकिन इसकी सराहना नहीं की जाती है और यह एक पर्यटक को मुसीबत में डाल सकती है।

If you are going to drive, never get into racing or blocking other vehicles, or flashing your lights, especially when there is a local driving behind you. This will surely land you in jail. One phone call from the local person to the cops is all they need. No justification from your part will be entertained, even if you were not wrong.

Greeting a Qatari should be verbal. A handshake is to be done only if they extend their hand first.

Bringing medicine with them. While not all medicine is banned, anything that authorities suspect might have hallucinatory or similar effects will not be allowed and the owner will be asked to show a valid prescription for it or be arrested and deported.

Bringing alcohol with them. You can buy alcohol inside Qatar but you cannot bring it with you and it will be confiscated. There is no penalty though for the person who brings it.

Trying to welcome a Qatari lady by attempting to kiss her or even shake her hand. Physical contact between local women and local/foreign men is socially not acceptable, and you would rarely (if ever) find any Qatari lady who breaks this social norm.

Be careful of the words you use while speaking about GCC people / Muslims.
there are few more precautions, but not so important, but you don’t need to get used to it when you are visiting for only a few days


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